History shows that humanity is unable to learn from its fluctuations. Technological advance disguises repetition letting the cycle, which is perfectly exemplified by war and peace, persist unabated.

Some think they can avert an encroaching catastrophe by tinkering and tweaking aspects of this civilization. Most have to believe in what is gratuitously called ‘human nature’, a construct asserting that the group they belong to will somehow survive through or invent their way out of any predicament. Logically of course, reasonable people should be able to find solutions to challenging difficulties like overpopulation and much more. The irresolvable predicament lies in who humans fundamentally are.



Metaphorically people, including aliens above and below them, are chickens divided into sheep and wolves. All are harvested by higher intelligence for specific energies, which are then used depending on it being negative or positive to either continue to perpetuate the device called earth or elsewhere, in other realms of greater significance. On this level, for instance, the energy of courage cannot be fully employed because of the permanence of The Set Up. This configuration is called, The Set Up.



The main dilemma concerning honestly approaching any crucial issue is that the basic requirement of considering it in relation to everything else can never be met by the overwhelming majority. Because as soon as the process of critically evaluating the most important begins not only does society get the boot but usually our family and friends as well. Now, who would want to do that? Still, the algebra of Truth demands the same result for the equation, no matter how you slice it!

For all biological entities, dimensional or not, there is another basic condition associated with honesty. The vibration of truthfulness is so rapid that it is almost impossible to contain in any shape, quickly propelling beings into the next step called exponential evolution.



So what is the nexus to the human conundrum? How deep does the emptiness of billions of purposeless lives reflect the directionless culture all around us, and visa versa? If you are of the opinion that contemporary society can begin to deal with surmounting problems facing it in a healthier way by being reorganized from within, we disagree.

The way masses are, and who they allow to rule over them precludes humanity from ever resolving any sociological pitfalls that ancient Greeks did not solve.

The solution will forever elude most, because in part it has to do with rejection of all their values. We see life for its own sake, divorced from True Spirituality, not worth living. Belonging to THE POWER means accepting that to get to The Truth one has to be Honest, even if in doing so human nature itself is transcended!

At this stage of The Game, which is an official name for the interplay between good and evil, the simple pursuit of Truth brings us to the edge of what is humanly possible, to roads less traveled leading out. Where to?



In this case, the words above represent life which is at a stage of greater maturity residing in the ‘future’ influencing their ‘past’. By future, we do not mean configurations that objects will form moving out of their present positions. To the initiated, the movement of everything around us does not lead to the future but is a hypnotic action of a spiral, providing an illusionary diversion. By using the term, we refer to coexisting fields of greater or lesser influence as ‘future’, only to simplify where the simplification of our perception of reality is utilized for clarity. Coming of age is always congruous with becoming aware of evil forces arrayed against the best in all of us.



All humanoid races cannot really evolve, but only enter the next evolutionary step called intelligent energy.

Behind the obvious charade are the controlling forces. This fact holds true at every strata of society and life in general in this reality. The solidity of the immediate world including the human shape and the rest of nature are a set of controlled limitations to influence the behavior of energy which at low levels of creation condenses into souls. Every soul is harvested for various energies by forces which are at ‘play’ inside and outside structures we perceive as separate beings and worlds. They are called, intelligent energy. The derivative energy from humanity and other humanoid*(*By humanoid, we mean any bipedal, intelligent life partitioned from the rest of the universe by the standard, humanoid set of limitations, be they reptilian, insectoid etc.) variants are consumed to fuel events elsewhere on other planes of reality, or in the case of negative energy to literally continue regenerating lower domains.  Unless satanic the exchange of energy is reciprocal. THE POWER is the prime example of this sort of positive relationship. THE POWER helps Us be great and then siphons off the high intensity vibrations of courage and honesty. This exchange is beneficial to all involved. Of course interactions manipulating evil puppets which are the specialty of an inter-dimensional, formless force, called pure evil, have to always be in a form of a swindle, going all the way up any pyramidal control system. Satanic arrangements force energy to flow only in one direction. Meaning, sheep and wolves work hard for their own destruction.



Anytime one worships a set of limited possibilities, be it a golden calf, Hitler, a hyperbolic jail in a form of a black cube, one plays into someone’s Fascistic agenda. People are always asked to illogically worship or ‘love’ some horrid object of veneration, as if spirituality is just another kinky fetish! Unadulterated evil does not care what or who you worship as long as you worship an object! The philosophy of materialism brings its adherents to worship the same satanic deities in the ‘modern’ roundabout way. Only the mechanism of expanding possibilities builds living space for higher life. How can THE CREATOR be represented by an object or be named? The Ones Who Belong to THE POWER refuse to worship anything that does not make sense, for evil is illogical. We worship Truth and Seeking Truth. Truth is Freedom. Seeking Truth is Fighting for Freedom. Fighting for Freedom is to be responsible to self which is your soul, the smallest, spiritual particle of GOD!


Cosmic Superstructure











THE POWER is a composite of energy extractions from many civilizations besides ours pulled together by the gravitational force of its central intelligence, and ‘technically’, applying linear terms is in our future. The Magnificent Being is a multidimensional energy super power which is predominant in this sector. Yet for all its glory The segment of The Being which directly shares energy flow with Us is still at beginning stages of the evolutionary process of which we, The Ones Who Belong to THE POWER, are a part of and which manipulates its ‘past’ to consume the energy only the best of Us can offer in the form of Honesty, Courage and Hatred toward the unjust. That is why the process is a two way street, for The Being has to assist Us to become the kind of creatures that can provide these high vibrations.

THE POWER is an intergalactic, cloudlike formation crowned by omniscient* (*So far, all perceived universe is in sections. Therefore when we use words like, omniscient and omnipotent to describe a force, we only mean predominant in their sector even if it encompasses entire universes.) central intelligence and innumerable lesser points of self awareness of which every Member of THE POWER is as well. But the main entity of THE POWER operates under laws which apply to life changing at an unimaginable rate of exponential evolution. The Being has inserted a dimensional portal in the form of a Hyperbolic Paraboloid into The Human Matrix (which is an energy support system for human life as we are experiencing it and to which, primitively speaking, we are all connected via crown chakra.), to provide rapid exchange of ‘life’ between The Being and Us.

THE POWER is also manipulating all the other forces in this world to harness the energy they need from The Ones Who Belong on this side of the portal. The same is done in many other worlds as in ours by THE POWER, forming a part of The Cosmic Superstructure

For each group of humanoids Who Belong, life on both sides of the portal under THE CREATOR is The Holy Triptych. No matter how ancient in human terms THE POWER is, The Holy Triptych is called The Great New Religion.



The key aspect to understanding this world is the permanence of stupidity and rape all about us. Nature demands that the majority of humans, akin to domestic animals, must produce various energies which are needed by higher intelligence. But The Ones Who Belong are destined to produce the energy of the highest quality for which the entire world, evil included, is set up. With so much at stake We have no choice but to be a part of The Being on the other side of the portal. Because to Belong to the intelligent energy and still be in a humanoid form is the pinnacle of Humanoid spiritual achievement and the only real evolutionary step forward.

THE POWER is an energy superpower in our sector of what is, beyond the Game of good and evil which in this dimension like spinning magnets generates bipolar tension, infusing everything we see about us with meaning.




Will creatures that follow us keep human form but without its bondage, perhaps for a little while? The Being which manifests in The Ones Who Belong needs no spaceships, no little gadgets and no body, besides of course the bodies of Our Members. As the evolutionary path that leads to THE POWER spills into the infinity of the universe it does not have much to do with anything that we can ever be consciously aware of. What will happen to regular people who will survive calamities in the near future with their souls still remaining entrapped in the permanence of The Set Up? How genetic engineering and mechanical augmentation play their parts in the mystery of what is to come?

What we do know is that these questions are not as important as they seem, especially when a critical number of Our Members will cross the mountain range separating the world where Honesty is the way out of any predicament and the universe where things are so other that what remains of Us keeps on disappearing from Our view and comprehension into another dimension. It takes one to know one. We cannot follow the progression of exponential evolution like we can track an animal, which studying linear evolution can be compared to.

From the fact of alien abductions, to the way most of extraterrestrials appear, even their flying saucers, all give sensitive people creepy energy. Besides our own future working to pull Us out of the miserable condition we find ourselves in who else would be interested in humanity but other perverted races controlled by their own despots with more assortments of wicked agendas? We do not want to insult any Pleiadians and if they are secretly preventing Scalar Wars the better for us! Still the fact of so much suffering by humanity points a telling finger at all humanoids, no matter where they are, since after a proper sharing of technology there is no distance.

THE POWER will actualize no matter what is on its path, but only to an exact extent needed to serve Our purposes, then we go dimensional. Evolutionary diversions will splatter into nearby, shadowy timelines and are already paying the world their eerie visits. We know that aliens from other worlds and creatures from spooky domains intertwined with ours all play a peripheral part in the main thrust of human evolution. The Ones Who Belong to THE POWER are centrally positioned for Our pivotal role in the major extraction of energy on all sides, as soon as the illusion which cannot be reassembled into a credible reality anymore and is preset to burst like an evil soap bubble that it is, pops.



We agree with some of the official scientist’s assessments. There are billions of planets out there which can support life. But let’s go further. Countless worlds are oxygenized by the duality of good and evil. The universe is full of beings with unnecessary appendixes right inside their brains.

All humanoids harm each other even without intending to do so simply by one civilization not helping another in need. The considerations are quite solid, like, it is not possible to provide assistance to everyone. In reality this logic is moral only if the majority of population in a given society is obeying The Sacred Intent Of Their collective Soul and are ascending using evil as an opposing force in the process. But that is going exponential. This method activates Sacred Wisdom which postulates that the wicked deceivers are not there to be destroyed, but held at bay only long enough to let the disembodied energy through the evil encirclement, which paradoxically is a permanent process. The victors will continue to regulate their old environment ‘forever’ even when the influence is so covert that at some point no one notices. The wise must leave behind learning devices in the form of evil, so that others can be the best of who they can by repeating the same process of being true to their souls and ascend through all obstacles, even if those ‘others’ are their own ‘ancestors’ permanently repeating the same process! The byproduct of true wisdom is when a crucial number of a given race, which varies with each civilization, stops working against themselves, but then whoops, their souls become one with intelligent energy of their sector releasing them to a true higher level to further blend in with the all engulfing Universal Truth.



To accept seemingly unacceptable which is the cruelty of our reality called The Set Up or GOD’s wisdom in order to become wise, consider what is known as The Great Unanswerable, which is, where is GOD? (* For the ones with severely controlled reality the question would translate to: where did the ‘big bang’ happen?)

When one spiritually goes for broke by considering this question this energy of Truth is almost impossible to contain in any humanoid form, for even if GOD is only somewhere, here, GOD is everywhere! Take a peek at the exponential evolution belonging to disembodied, intelligent energy laying right around the bend of the road, out of sight and yet so close. Feel how your soul vibrating with courage and honesty wants to jump right out into higher realms closer to THE CREATOR. Another device to accept GOD’s intent is to view this world as THE CREATOR. What would you do different? Keep in mind that without The Game, which is the tension between good and evil, this place is truly empty!

Logic is synonymous with Truth and is interwoven into this reality. Even in the most fascistic societies some logic must be allowed, simply to cross a street or to successfully impose stricter controls on freedoms. But outside of imposed perimeters Logic manifests through Honesty. Evil of course operates using deception, constantly twisting perception of reality, which gets rather tricky for the ones who compromise since one can still touch the intended object looking at its reflection in a crooked mirror.

After much pain and deliberation one sees that The Set Up is logical, especially when one considers its permanence. This actuality gives us an important and a heart warming insight into an overall goodness of The Divine Intent.



In this reality permanence permeates everything, otherwise THE CREATOR would not have allowed even a second of the mess we are in, which with GOD’s grace points to the reversal on the next level.

The big question is then: Since The Unadulterated Energy of Honesty and Courage are needed here only in miniscule doses so as not to disturb The Set Up and most of the high frequency energy is being used elsewhere, where another Set Up is more fluid, is it worth it? What kind of beings can put courage and honesty We produce here to good use, and where?

Is this the point where the word ‘believe’ comes in, because seemingly We, The Ones Who Belong, have no option but to trust in GOD’s intent to advance further?

The current leader of THE POWER in the human form asked these questions in earnest and was shown a vision. It was of a giant warrior wading through the universe, advancing through galaxies and gases on his way towards a battle with two curved swords drawn at a ready. His every step produced a deafening and glorious din of bells. His armor was sprinkled with billions of stars and was shining with our courage, honesty and intolerance to evil.

As The One, for that is how any current leader of THE POWER is called, faced The Truth of, no matter how incredulous morality demands one to be, having to trust THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY, the word kept on ringing in his ears, ‘As above as below’. For now The One is given no further explanation except for an intense feeling in his heart that this warrior must win!



When Our Members, Who participate in sharing life energy between Each Other and The Being reach an energetic culmination point Our energy will truly blend in with life forces which reside on the next evolutionary level and are a part of THE POWER, extracted in the same way from other civilizations. But as soon as One becomes a new Member One immediately finds oneself intermeshed in the Multi-World Culture based on Honesty.

The interactions within THE POWER are symbiotic allowing the flow of energy to surge in all directions throughout The Cosmic Superstructure. The Being, who is the product of energies from many races combined, in turn pulls us toward itself through the portals The intelligent energy has inserted into all of our respective matrixes. The Great New Religion is alive in every prison world in this sector where the destiny leads its best to THE POWER regardless of time zones or any other such constructs. This ultimate destiny for humanoids is only found in so called ‘prison worlds’ which this planet happens to be since the thrust towards freedom is the strongest where the need for it is the greatest. Ultimately this entire world with all of its nightmares and beauty is a set up for that exact energetic ramming pole not to break through but to be siphoned right out by an extraction system in a form of hyperbolic paraboloids to fuel higher intelligence. To be in THE POWER is to be one of many minds of a single multi-being, which takes care of Yours in particular and Our collective soul energy rising, vibrating with more intense life, amalgamating into higher and higher informational fields of intensified intelligence within the superstructure. Every area within THE POWER entrusted to a Member’s care is that Member’s utmost responsibility, especially their soul. Our Members are literally a form expressing the formless nature of The Multi-Being.

The simplest model to understand The Great New Religion requires one to engage in a bit of linear thinking, perceiving The Being to be our ‘future’ as well as of other humanoids. Speed up the tape and we can only glimpse flashes exposing fleshless forces directly affecting each other, speeding through the expanse of the unfathomable, for reasons which obviously elude us. THE POWER uses the concept of future, only for communication purposes.

When destiny prevents an evolutionary process from being checked, mature from ‘the future’ enter the drama of their ‘past’ and in a systematic way make sure that evil does not set an entire race astern into devolution.

Whether there is such a thing as ‘future’, which is actually ahead of the present, or not, THE POWER exerts a strong gravitational pull on us, and thankfully so! Peering into the distance Our echo locaters spot a phenomenon utterly foreign even to the understanding of people who opened themselves up to the unlimited reality. It is an otherworldly being, yet this formless life is unmistakably occupying a portion of our reality, emitting powerful pulsations. An icy, shimmering mist leisurely moves through time and space. It seems disinterested. Is the creature one of our futures that does not need a past? In contrast, THE POWER appears to be a playful, joyous entity, making a tasteful garment for Us All out of colorful* (*Internal body fluids are of various colors depending on chemical bases of life forms.) histories of many civilizations. Ours is naturally contributing the ‘drenched in red’ look.



To reflect on the deeper levels of complexity concerning everything thus far mentioned we have to touch on immense ‘purpose structures’, like enormous crystals piercing planes of reality throughout the universe. All of Us Who Belong and the rest of The Being on the other side of the wormhole are subjugated to the same purpose structure. To Us on this side of the portal, where the world is mired in the interplay between good and evil, the direction is to give oneself wholly to the high vibration of honesty. The instructions etched on the purpose structure to The Being, for any humanoid is unintelligible at best.

We cannot deduce what ‘The Game’ outside of good and evil is. This fact prompts us to constantly reestablish our position on the moral high ground, because here the game pieces consist of immutable human nature in the form of regular people all around us and our own rapidly changing DNA and culture. For us, the choice between right and wrong reflects the ultimate simplicity and the duality of the human and by extension, humanoid condition. The only thing left is to accept The Set Up and as in any ‘game’ go for broke! (By accepting The Set Up We mean trusting in THE CREATOR’s wisdom

The intensity of The Creation can never be contained. When everything seems lost, and evil minions have institutionalized repetition of the same mistakes enshrining greed, callousness and vanity, the counterbalance is suddenly provided by the unimaginable force!



Besides participating in the ceremonial and actual regeneration of the structure forming a portal which is made out of exotic energy filaments which are indestructible, our earthly directions are to build a powerful organization, and evolve ‘new’ ways, aided by the world’s predominant supernatural force, to survive coming calamities and make a critical difference in the fight for human evolution, which will unfold in most unpredictable ways for all involved.



THE POWER is not a religion based on dogma. On the contrary, we take being incredulous all the way, raising thinking for yourself to a status of prayer!

Paradoxically, when people value truth over belonging, weighing out every issue by taking into account as much as possible in connection to it, they become part of a community which sees moral relativity exposed for what it is, bankrupt. By thinking on our own We enter The community Of Free Thinkers!

The phenomenon of evaluating information outside of social perimeters yet producing identical results to other smart and moral people concerning the most pressing issues facing humankind allows THE POWER to elevate good intent, until now mired in tactical, isolated actions, to a strategic thrust into our future by creating The Team.

All thanks to THE CREATOR who in accordance to the inter-universal infinite wisdom set up the most important aspects of our reality to not be relative.

THE POWER is able to reject isolated good actions, exposing them as part of negative repetition. Evil developed many ways to incorporate goodness which lacks clear intent. We insist that you think on your own, stressing that you do so, considering as much as possible, in relation to as much as possible. It is the most readily available method in our possession to point at the non relativity of major moral issues, which plays a crucial role in seeing through deception and of course binding Our Members together.

In this society the pretense is to celebrate individuality, nevertheless regular citizens are reduced to the two dimensions of a fingerprint, convinced that the uniqueness of the pattern stands for free thought. But no matter how hard indulgent people are holding on to being blind they are picking up through gut feeling that the end of this civilization is near. As a result, almost everyone is scared out of their wits. Their automatic reaction is to feverishly continue collecting things, friends and influence as though it is a nervous tick.

On the other hand when all the information that we are aware of in relation to what is being evaluated without blocking any resulting realizations is considered the experience becomes of omniscient knowing, which is a sense of The Creation in its entirety at once. The interaction with the mystery of the world in its totality wrenches us out of most conventions imposed by the principal social order.

THE POWER is a living, breathing platform on which our community stands, for no one stands alone. To be a part of intelligent energy is to be enveloped by your own kind.



Truth is not some concept but an object. One can get to know it! Our Members see the One And Only Geometrically Shaped Truth which is a stunningly beautiful angulation rising from the murkiness of deception. Each Truthful approach to any problem taken to its furthest logical extent is in actuality a side of the angular structure, which can only be twisted but not pulled apart. The object can be seen in its infinity of variant appearances to suit different worlds, or as a single most important point of reference: Do not compromise with evil, which can be further broken down into: Be honest!

The Truth is designed to be innately understood, so as to make it unequivocally clear that to misrepresent it is to be against logic. It is illogical to be evil!

The Truth is the same for everybody, and it exacts the same exact price for handling it, which is Our Members’ inability to push the pain that belongs to humanity and humanoids as a whole into subconsciousness anymore!



Many seers looked at the future right ahead of us, seeing what they understood as the end of the world. We interpret the blinding light to be a side effect of turbulent change associated with the transitional time period. Indeed, it does appear to be the final act but it is not.

The word ‘premonition’ has negative connotations. And the meaning of the word ‘vaticination’ is usually hidden even from the educated unless they reach for the dictionary. The reason being is that the future always spells the end of the present order. What the gloomy prognosticators took for the complete demise of mankind, is the coming change in the texture of reality itself.

Should We stand idle and let the swindled, common denominator, obeying directives from their mean bosses, endlessly dictate who We are and what our proper response to the outrage all around Us should be?

The Portion of THE POWER on this side of the Dimensional Portal is positioned strategically in our time period with exactitude of a supernatural being. As all the preconceptions of regular people and aristocratic, evil plots collapse around Us The Ones Who Belong to THE POWER are already on both sides of the dimensional portal, integrated into an immense cosmic superstructure which is An Intelligent Energy Super Power in this sector.

THE POWER is the religion of urgency. The ice is melting!

The Truth speaks for itself, it just has to be uttered.

People, who work hard at figuring out what ‘good’ is, know that there is no choice but to be good. We do not convince, or convert. If you are destined to be One Of Us, the only moral choice you will be left with is to take steps in Our direction.